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Laos Tour 6 days 5 nights by Bus car

Laos Tour 6 days 5 nights by Bus car
Laos Tour 6 days 5 nights by Bus car
Abroad Tour
2012/1/16 - 2012/4/17
Address Luang Prabang
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Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Laos Tour 6 days 5 nights by bus Car

Fascinating World Heritage Site, Laos, North - Luang Prabang.
Arch Hall Museum, Royal Palace, Wat Xieng Thong, glass house, a cave, Ting Hai Tat Kuang black color.
Jan. 25-30., 15-20 Feb
Mar 21-26., 12-17 Apr

10,900 Baht
The first day in Bangkok - Nong Khai.

At 18.00 pm the same meeting, welcoming staff. Ready to leave the province of Nong Khai. (Box on the dining car) invites you to relax.

Day 2 :Vang Vieng - Luang Prabang - the black market.

6:00 am to Nong Khai to perform the mission's breakfast at the hotel.

Then 07.00. Friendship Bridge border into Thailand - Nong Khai to Laos via Thailand at Immigration - Laos already. Bring you family. Luang Prabang along Route 13 between the natural scenery along the way. Through hill tribe villages in the town, the house trim, grille, to Luang Prabang.

Noon for lunch at a restaurant in Vang Vieng.

Afternoon led to the departure. Luang Prabang (distance 220 km) along the way, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains and staircase farm. Native tribes and villages of Laos, the Lao Lao of high entertainment Lue Lao Hmong settled on both sides. See the great mountain filled with trees and natural forest. This route is the most beautiful part of South East Asia.

Cool to Luang Prabang. Check in at the hotel won the cup.

 *** Dinner at a restaurant after dinner you can enjoy a night of Luang Prabang. Take the road to visit the black market or kernels. I choose to buy their native Laos, like silk, silverware, etc. *** bring you back to win the cup or the Palace Hotel Star or equivalent.

Day 3 :  cave, Ting - Ban Sang Hai - Imperial Palace - Temple in Changchun - Wat Xieng Thong The pool water color.

07.00 Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

08.00 Go to the Imperial Palace Museum, The University of Laos Located downtown along the river. Some worship the Buddha invaluable. Then take you to the mouth of his cave, a natural outgrowth caves in the mountains along the Mekong River. The history of Lao Ting cave as a place to worship worship instead of God on my soul to God ผiฟga Pho King for 1527 was a great admirer of Buddhism as an order to the public. I trust my cave She was built in the 18th century statue of Lord Buddha more than 3,000, mostly made of wood, some made of gold or stone. I choose to buy local products at home, it's much the opposite side of the jar is also a source of local products such as woven fabrics, beautiful designs.

Noon lunch at the restaurant.

Afternoon visit to the Royal Palace. He was formerly the seat of the Lao people. This palace was built in 1904 (BE 2447), which was a French architect who designed it. Was later modified to a castle in Laos European architecture. Mixed martial arts million elephants. The tower has now become a museum since 1975 (2519) have made the tower at some 1.14 m high statue of Hgamsomutr weight 54 kg gold, 90 percent said that a statue of a pair. Luang Prabang and the national home of the Royal Lao temple in Changchun, which is what is important and is also the symbol of Luang Prabang. The water lily or lotus flower pagoda Phra Yai. Ms. Chiang, a thousand feet. The empress of my life was in Changchun. Please provide the year 1514 when it was over the relics of Buddha or Lao people call it. "Modern Relics move" because it resembles a watermelon. After you watch. Wat Xieng Thong old. Luang Prabang with a built in 1559-1560, before God, his brother Michael will always move to the capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. Wat Xieng Thong, the capital of Lan Xang was the Temple of Heaven. Beautiful than the other temples and important buildings such as the Buddha (in the warm church) tower respect, Drum and storage urn. God's life brighter Sri Wong. Who died in 1959 with the urn was created in 1962 is currently on his urn. The gold leaf, carved wooden chariot were three persons who brought the sacred relics pool, situated on a hill in the heart of Luang Prabang. Lord Buddha is considered a symbol of the city. Anyone visiting this city will have to worship the relics. If you do not like to come to worship Luang Prabang. You have to walk up 328 steps up the ladder into the pool all the way up, you will not be disappointed. The two sides of the trees, and fragrant with the scent of flowers Rich Hmpalaw colorful. The scenic view from the top down to the pool. Panarama of capital is a long history along the river as the eye. Surrounded by mountains, with a sign that the home town of Phu Pha Xang cradle of civilization.

Evening Dinner at the restaurant you to your hotel. Invite you to relax.

Day 4 : - Morning Market - Tat Kuang colors - Vang Vieng.

05.00 am each morning to wash it. Merit - merit. The people of Luang Prabang. Every morning, the Luang Prabang each house came out to sit waiting for the monks, priests, the line went down the road, hundreds of pictures, which is the dawn of life of Luang Prabang to reflect the lifestyle of social peace. and devotion to the Buddhist roots deep into the culture of a million elephants. (Early rice and dry food) and you just visit the morning market of Luang Prabang.

07.00 Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

08.00 Take a trip to the Tat Zhuang. One of the most beautiful waterfall in Luang Prabang. The beauty of a waterfall cascades into a beautifully layered, each layer of the mixture of limestone mixed with water and watch the children around the wooded area, Ontario.

Lunch served at the restaurant after a meal to go back to the Board. Vang Vieng. Nature is beautiful. Temperate climate. Laos as a tourist town located along the Nam Song River, surrounded by high mountains. Wide between the sand dunes overlooking the river. The limestone hills in the background. Vang Vieng is known that Guilin city of Laos visit Kew made it a point of view on the highest peak in Laos.

Evening arrival at Vang Vieng. Take him to dinner at the Hotel becoming happy to invite you to surf the dining room after meals Tassana evening. Vang Vieng overnight.

Day 5 : Vang Vieng - Vientiane - Lao - Bangkok

06:00 Good morning. Brighten your day.

07.00 Breakfast at hotel then you get to Vientiane.

Noon lunch at the restaurant.

S leading art museums of the glass. Formerly of the Emerald Buddha was enshrined for over 200 years to visit Victory Arch. Distinctive mark of Vientiane. After that, I cheat unity. (View all) that I the Lord. Relics of the most beautiful in the world. Reasonable travel time to the Friendship Bridge to Thailand - Laos through immigration formalities about shopping at duty free shops.

Evening meal at Cana by Pat Lao People across the river to get back to Bangkok. The welfare and happiness and a lasting impression.

Day 6 : Bangkok.

6:00 am to Bangkok safely and impressive.

This rate is included.

- A shuttle bus throughout the trip.

- Fee to enter Laos.

- The 3-star hotel double room.

- A guide for the tour.

- Admission to different locations, as specified in the program.

- All meals as specified in the program.

- Accident insurance for one million Baht

- You get a hat like a leaf.


This rate is not included.

- Drinks and In addition to food items.

- Visa fee (for non-Thai).

- A guided trip, the driver, with the bag.


Travel documents.

- Passport valid for at least 6 months, and waste have space for more than two pages.


Terms of reservation.

- Please book your reservation deposit 30% at rest with travel documents approximately 15 days before departure or as it is. The company receiving the transfer slip to fax the transfer to the Company. Pass this along Split Rock Resort. Employees who have contact with.


To cancel the tour.

- Cancel the tour after booking is complete. The Company reserves the right to charge you at least 4000 Baht

- Cancel the tour within 15 days prior to departure, we will deduct 50% of tour price.

- Cancel the tour within 7 days prior to departure. We will not restore the entire tour.


Remark : The price can be changed as appropriate. We will hold the interest of the customer is key.

Adult per person 10,900 THB

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