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China Tour Xian 5D 3N

China Tour Xian 5D 3N
China Tour Xian 5D 3N
Abroad Tour
2012/2/22 - 2012/4/1
Address China Tour Xian
Email :

The older you terracotta army in Xi'an city.
The Wild Goose Pagoda. Xi'an ancient city wall.
Tang Dynasty show and the shopping street.
Tour 5 Days 3 Nights Xi'an special dumpling - The City does - Thai food.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Day 1: Bangkok - Xian.

17:00 am at the same airport. Departure hall entrance, 3, 4 airlines BUSINESS AIR company officials. Greet and accommodate you before boarding.

20:00 am to launch my Xian BUSINEE AIR Airlines Flight 8B896.

1:00 am Arrive in Xi'an takes you through immigration and customs formalities.

After entering SKYTEL HOTEL or similar accommodation.

Day 2 Xi'an - Army Cavalry Museum Qin C - King Yuan Fu Long - The snow lotus.

Morning Breakfast at hotel.

Then you have to. Tomb of the Terracotta soldiers. (Including a small car) and has a great history over 2,000 years was discovered by a farmer on the year. Since 1974 at a dig in that area by accident. After which the archaeologists are digging up about. 7,000 pieces, but this is just a small part of the media, Huang Qin Ling Mausoleum.

Examination of historical documents show that the tomb of this model to the entire land of China. Down into the underground vault with a height of 47 meters, this time in a long 36 years of labor in the construction of more than 700,000 people were clay sculptures will be placed under military procedures. Each statue has a height of 1.8 meters, and more importantly I do not like it one bit, though.

Noon lunch. The Peking duck dinner.

Then the afternoon you visit the pharmacy Kefir. A famous name. It is well known to Thai people. Of the gas explosion.

Then you watch the "Fu Yuan lost" our ancient and beautiful buildings are all built on emulate the tank farm area of ​​1000 to finance the construction of this 1,200 yuan.

Evening dinner at a restaurant.

After you enter the hotel SKYTEL HOTEL or similar.

Day 3: Xian - Big Wild Goose Pagoda - Temple Park Shijiazhuang Earth - The Shaanxi Museum - Silk - Central Jail were the belfry.

Morning Breakfast at hotel.

Journey to the Earth in Shijiazhuang. This is the location of "Eyes of a visit, if the" Wild Goose Pagoda is. The temple is a temple built by Emperor Tang Gao Chong. Return to your mother. After completion of the tank, Samsung has invited me as a pastor. And translated the Bible into the SMF from India. The tank is designed with Samsung's a Wild Goose Pagoda. Up to the SMF. The pagoda is similar to an Indian is 64.7 meters high and seven in the past to build a tower with soil. But in the reign of the Ming Dynasty. All have been restored as a brick.

Noon, lunch is a meal that takes you to visit Thailand. Buy Chinese silk products, OTOP products.

Afternoon at the Shaanxi Museum. One of the premier museums of China, with priceless artifacts and exhibits. The museum exhibits artifacts pursue different periods are directed at the English. From the Old Stone Age - Neolithic Zhang Dynasty - Zhou Dynasty until the Ming and Qing.

Then you watch Justin said Drum. Centrally located in Jia Xian on ZETA. Opposite the square bell tower. An ancient bell tower. Architecture during the Ming Dynasty. Later in the Qing Dynasty has been restored with a new one twice. By maintaining the original height 33 meters wide and 9 meters deep, 3 feet from the building roof and third floor of the brick height 77 meters wide and 52.6 meters long, 38 meters of the door to the north and south, high and wide and 6 feet on the ground floor formation. a brick wall and gate to the second floor and third floor is wood. The roofed with glazed tiles. Built in the 17th year of the reign of Emperor Hong Wu (Yuan Chong-ju), which is the body of the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

The walk through the door with granite are durable and sturdy, solid rack. Ready to take the photos as a souvenir. Then take the main street shopping districts. This is an area where you can purchase products such as bags, shoes, and then you get free shopping destination. Of hospitality.

Evening dinner at a restaurant meal as Suki in my pot.

After that take you back to the hotel SKYTEL HOTEL or similar.



Day 4:The Great Wall of China Xi'an - Pillar Shrine - TTC. - Lama Temple - Tang Dynasty Show - Airport.

Morning Breakfast at hotel.

Please visit the ancient city walls. Built in the Ming Dynasty. Over 600 years old and has been preserved as well. The wall is a rectangular cloth. From north to south length of 2.8 kilometers east to west is 4.2 km long by 14 miles high, 12 meters for a total of 13 out of the four doors.

Then you watch the Lama Temple was built to last a thousand years ago, which is measured at the Princess Wen Cheng's marriage to the left of me to love pigs were to Tibet to develop friendly relations between the invited the Dalai Lama is. The Changan and have built up and also the location of the SMF were brought from Tibet.

Noon Lunch at the restaurant.

Afternoon you will visit the Chinese silk. The proverbial man. The products export of China's most famous. Visit Lama Temple, then take you to the last thousand years ago. Which is a measure that was married to Princess Wen Chen Zong Gan Bu considerably to develop friendly relations between Tibet and the Dalai Lama was invited by the Changan. And has built it up and also the location of the SMF were brought from Tibet back to you on that. City Pillar Shrine. Is the oldest.

Take the Tang Dynasty dinner show. Spectacular dance performance series. In the Tang Dynasty, which reflects the progress of science and art flourished extremely.

Evening dinner meal to woo the name of Xi'an.

23.00. And then take you to Airport City to Xi'an.


Day 5: Trip to Bangkok.

020.30 of the sky by the airline will launch flights by BUSINESS AIR 8B 897.

06:00 Arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. It's welfare.


1. The Company reserves the right to change the flights to and without prior notice.

We reserve the right to change the program. Or food items. The required notice.

Discount prices

- The ticket - to the path specified in the province. To - to Minister.

- Adults per room 2 or 3 people (if not the same room) in the list. Or in the same class.

- Meals as specified in the list.

- The shuttle trips between the airport and hotels.

- Admission to various attractions.

- A visa for a Thai passport.

- The tax airports.

- Insurance while traveling in an amount not exceeding Baht 1,000,000 Baht

Are not included.

1. The passport. Or renew a passport.

2. For us to - to issue visa to the foreign country (if any).

3. Personal expenses such as telephone, fax and internet facilities.

4. The food - drinks from the list. The minibar in your room and watch a movie extra.

5. The baggage overload. (The airline does not exceed 20 kg per person).

6. Value added tax, withholding tax of 7% and 3% of the service.

7. Other expenses that are not listed. And rental of sports equipment of all types.

8. The tipping local guide and driver. The tour leader was 5 days and 3 nights at one of 120 yuan per person. (6 days, 4 nights will fall by 150 yuan a person.)

Rate this visa.

Usually, the visa *** China is included in the tour, which is normal for four days if you apply for. Chinese Embassy visa delays are calculated as follows. 2-3 days is more urgent now as 1,200 cases a day increase. 1,500 baht per person.

Terms of booking.

1. Please deposit THB 5,000 per person by the transfer into account.

After the transfer, please transfer the documents to 02-1863182

2. The rest of your tour 20 days prior to departure.

3. Please book at least 3 weeks before departure.

To cancel the trip.

1. Reserves the right to return the deposit in all cases.

2. Canceled 7-14 days prior to departure we charge 80% in the tour price.


1. Items and prices can change according to the right without prior notice depending on the announced change. Conversion price of the airline and the currency.

2. If you have been denied - the city for political reasons. Or international politics, which are outside the responsibility of the Company. The Company reserves the right not to reimburse you for any event (whether in whole or in part) as well as force majeure such as natural disasters. Strikes, strikes, delays to the airlines. And due to personal health.

3. The service that you pay the monthly payments. The Company has paid to get the package and the like. If you have not traveled in the list. Or the use of any part. You will not be charged overnight.

4. The event of a cancellation during the festival, the company reserves the right not to refund all costs, regardless of any case. Unless we receive a deposit refund from airlines and hotels in foreign countries will be able to pay damages to the tour without any of the above, the Company reserves the right to make changes. Do the appropriate event, or beyond. Without prior
5D3N 24 Mar 12- 28 Mar 12 17,900 THB
5D3N 31 Mar 12-04 Apr 12 17,900 THB
6D4N 20 Mar 12- 25 Mar 12 21,900 THB
6D4N 27 Mar 12-01 Apr 12 21,900 THB

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