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De Naga Chiang Mai Hotel, Chiang Mai

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De Naga Chiang Mai



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De Naga Chiang Mai Hotel Description

                the days of ancient times, when gods ruled the earth and mythological creatures roamed the lands, ruled the seas, and reigned from the skies, the magnificent Phaya Naga existed. According to northern legend, this formidable serpentine creature, a symbol of strength, opulence, and eternal life, helped the righteous Kings in building the city. As an act of allegiance and obedience, the Naga endowed the kings with vast wealth and power, and thus safeguarding the prosperity of the land. A guardian of the Buddha and protector of earthly waters, the Naga exhibited magical powers that allowed it to take human semblance.

               Drawing inspiration from this mystical creature, De Naga Chiang Mai displays an array of Naga throughout the hotel in the form of statues, ornaments and various decorative details. Befitting to the northern region of Thailand, the hotel exemplifies the strikingly exotic Lanna style. Using a distinctly typical Lanna architectural design, which is evident from the steep gabled roof descending from an elongated pinnacle into curved, flame-shaped eaves, the architecture originates from the northern parts of Thailand. The hotel is constructed using teakwood and elevated from the ground in the traditional manner.

             Throughout the hotel, exquisitely designed Naga are a featured theme, with majestic white serpents with heads decorated in gold to be seen surrounding the water feature and lining the stairways. The Naga is also represented all throughout the interior of the hotel, adorning the walls, doors and tabletops with metallic statues, hand-carved art, paintings, lighting features, and etched into many numerous ornaments and design details.

             Where locality is a priority, De Naga Chiang Mai provides this with added convenience. Situated across from Tha Pae Gate in the Old City, the hotel is placed in a prime location, right in the heart of the city. The sights and attractions of Chiang Mai are all in close proximity, with many various cultural attractions, the Sunday walking street, and local shops within 10 minutes walking distance, as well as featured view of  Doi Suthep Mountain.

               De Naga Chiang Mai represents stylish, contemporary living, while providing unmistakable service excellence. A hotel poised in the centre of town that escapes from the typical city hotel, and looks and feels like a resort soaked in its heritage. Walking through the entrance, the noise of the city seemingly dissipates and evokes a sense of calmness and relaxation.
**All the above rates are net inclustve of ABF , service charge and govemment tax
** All children under the age of 12 are entitled to 50% discout on all contracted meal arrangements

Guest privileges
- Complimentary Wireless Intemet kAccess (Wi-Fi) in guest room
- Complimentary coffee & tea making facillitles inroom
- Tropical welcome drink upon arrival

Compulsory Gala Denner New Year\'s Eve on 31 Dec 2010
Adult 2,500 THB per person
Child 1,250 THB per person

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